Încarc Evenimente
Acest eveniment a trecut.

Chiar și departe fiind de România, tradițiile frumoase întotdeauna se păstrează. Asta am avut noi în minte când am planificat acest workshop de mărțișoare pe care îl vom organiza chiar pe 1 martie, la Tucano Coffee, după o plimbare în îndepărtatul oraș Groningen.


Even if we are far away from our mother-country, Romania, we love to keep our dearest traditions. This is what we, LSRS Netherlands, had in mind when we planned this „mărțișoare” workshop that we will organise on the 1st of March, at Tucano Coffee after a nice & very interesting walk in Groningen. Mărțișor is a nice small object that usually boys give to girls on the 1st of March and which symbolises the beginning of spring. It’s usually a small jewellery that you can attach to your clothes, or a bracelet with red and white. Come to the workshop and find out more about one of our most beautiful traditions!

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