The Netherlands, or more uncommon the Lowlands, form with other smaller colonies what is called the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Despite the fact that a quarter of land is under sea level, the country is one of the greatest forces of Europe, and in some cases, of the world. And because we just mentioned water, here is the home of tourists' favorite souvenirs: little wooden shoes.

Who's never heard of Amsterdam? More than once, it's the only and single thing that pops in our mind when thinking about the Netherlands. The city with most museums per square meters in comparisons with any other city of the world, and the place where the number of bikes is larger than that of people.

The Netherlands in a few stats and words? It's the place that holds the tallest people in the world, responsible of producing 75% of the world's flower production - hence the nickname "The land of Tulips". It's the largest exporter of dairy products, the largest coffee importers in Europe - consuming over 140L coffee each year.

Although we can continue, The Netherlands needs to be discovered by each on their own. It needs to be seen, from the smaller cities to the one housing skyscrapers, and even more - it needs to be felt: wind, rain, or the hustle&bustle of tourists roaming the land, mostly on top of a bike