The story has begun and it doesn't end here!

We meet, work, and communicate for a common purpose: energize and put a spotlight on Romanian youth in The Netherlands.

How? We set up a community which is there for us, in good times and in lesser times. Together we (re)discover the Dutch history and mysteries through day-trips ending in get-togethers. Our business networking sessions (with both private and public entities) offer success stories and bring forth new links which will only get stronger in time with each contact.

We wish for a strong community here - in our home away from home. We want to inspire, to valor, and enhance ideas and people.


LSRS Netherlands

The association tries to grow each year, both in numbers and the variety of events.


Facebook likes

We keep the community connected - both at home and in our "away" home


cities in The Netherlands

The Lowlands are reduced in size, so it allows us to stay connected all around it.


max no. of volunteers

People with numerous backgrounds, with a bouquet of skills and personal values.


live annual projects

We try and keep what works, what brings value to the community, and revitalize each year with fresh projects.



different backgrounds

IT, business, chemistry, law - you name it! Our worth lies in diversity



Without partners and supporters we wouldn't be able to do even half of what we want

Variety and Diversity

We take what's best from each, shape it, and bring it closer in front of the community


events reach

What we do to get in front of the community. We try our best to put a spotlight on Romanian students


foreign languages spoken

Romanian is at its strongest, but we are vocal in other languages as well

Tell is if you feel inspired!