Useful documents to take with you

According to the EU norms, all citizens must have a valid ID or passport to travel. On top of that, it is useful to take with you the new version of your birth certificate because it is translated in English and French.

The certificates that state that you can speak a foreign language (IELTS, Cambridge Advanced English, DELF etc.) can prove themselves to be helpful, so if you have obtained any of them, make sure you have the original copy of the document on you. Also, to conclude a notarial power of attorney for your parents can be handy in case that you will need them to get some documents for you from your country.

LSRS TIPin case you have not concluded a notarial power of attorney you can go on this website for consular services. After you yourself will pick up the necessary documents from The Hague, you can mail them home.

Registering for the municipality of your future city

If you will be staying in The Netherlands for more than 4 months, you will need to register at the municipality of the city that you will be living in (Stadswinkel, in Dutch). If you will participate in the orientation week organized by your university, you will surely get an e-mail from the international office of the university with all the information and details that you need. Hereyou can find more details about the obtaining the BSN number and citizenship in The Netherlands.